Prati Chintai Prati

Composed on Aug. 26th, 1975


Prati chintai prati chintai
Prati kaje ar prati kaje ar
Pratiti khudra dane
Chali jena sada shudhu toma pane
Amrita sandhane tapan taraka katoi apan amije tader bhai
Simar bandhane jena nahi kheli asime dubite chai


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

In each little thought,
In each little work,
In each little self-giving,
May I feel Your Presence
And may I move towards
Your Smile of Nectar-Source.
I am the comrade of the sun and the moon.
No longer shall I struggle
In the bondage-net of the finite.
I want to lose my existence-life
In the sea of Light and Delight.

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