Prabhu Tomar Hasi Bhalobasi


Tomar hasi bhalobasi
Tomar aghat bhalobasi
Tomar charan bhalobasi
Tomar nayan bhalobasi
Atma tomar bhalobasi
Deha tomar bhalobasi
Tomar sakal bhalobasi
Pratikhane bhalobasi
Prabhu tomai bhalobasi
Tumi amar parichoyer banshi


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Your Smile I love.
Your Torture I love.
Your Feet I love.
Your Eyes I love.
Your Soul I love.
Your Body I love.
Everything that is You I love.
Every moment I love You.
O Lord Supreme, O Lord Supreme,
I love You, I love You.
You are the Flute of my existence.

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