Pir Vilayat Khan

Composed on Aug. 15th, 1979


He saumitra he premik vir
Pir Vilayat Pir
Animesh hiya muchhaite chaha
Dharar ashru nir
Bhitare bahire abhinava hasi
Rupantarer Krishner banshi
Dyulok garima bhulok mahima
Sanatan gati sthir


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O good friend,
O divine friend,
O friend universal,
O hero-lover,
O oneness-love,
Pir Vilayat, Pir!
With your sleepless heart
You desire to wipe
The streaming tears of the world.
Within, without
An unparalleled beauty-smile,
Along with the soul-stirring
Transformation-flute of Lord Krishna.
With you and in you
Heaven’s wonder-grandeur,Earth’s wonder-splendour,Eternity’s movement and stillness.

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