Peru (1)


Peru, Peru, Peru, Peru, Peru!
Pabitar shashi ekatar meru
Tomar lagiya urdher kripa sopan
Tumije tomar nimner trisha bagan
Tomar parane swapanir dak
Tomar nayane ushashir shankh
Gaurab shir saurabh nir
Kulu kulu swane nadi anadir


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Peru, Peru, Peru, Peru!
You are purity-moon and unity-mount.
For you, the compassion-flights
   Of the higher worlds.
And you are the quenchless thirst
   Of your heart-garden.
The supreme Dreamer is beckoning you.
Your eyes blow the dawn’s victory-conch.You are your lofty glory’s height.You are your fragrance-affection-nest.
Murmuring, through you is flowing
   The birthless and deathless life-river.

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