Pathe Jakhan Chali Shyama

Composed on Aug. 26th, 1975


Pathe jakhan chali Shyama
   Tui je chalis sathe sathe
Prati kajer phanke phanke
   Ma tor parash mile dinerate
Tabu bhabi shyama bujhi
   Amai chereche
Kandar mato kandina tai
   Dure rekheche


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother Kali, when I walk along the street
I see You accompanying me.
At the interval of each new undertaking
I feel Your gracious presence.
All day and night Your presence envelops me,
Yet I know not why I feel You have deserted me.
Is it because I do not cry soulfully
That I feel You are away from me?

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