Ore Batas Ore Amar Pran

Composed on May. 12th, 1976


Ore batas ore amar pran
Kothai balo pete pari tomar sandhan
Dekhini je tomai nayane
Anubhabe labhi paban parash
Thranta klanta jibane
Tumi nirakara Kali tara
Jete chai aj akashe bandhan hara
Niye jabe sathe kare
Ar parina thakte baddha ghare
Ore batas ore amar pran
Akash prane chalo kari naba abhijan


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O wind, you are my life.
Do tell me, where is your source?
I see you not,
But I feel you in my tired life.
You are the formless Mother Kali.
I wish to have you in the boundless sky.
It is impossible for me to be closeted
In a tiny earth-room.
O wind, let you and I start our journey
Towards the highest sky.

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