Ore Amar Praner Priya Basana

Composed on Apr. 18th, 1973


Ore amar praner priya basana
Chaudike tor hase pralay jatana
Mitthya khudhar dabanale
Pari ami tori chhale
Sudure mor alor swapan
Tare ami kari smaran
E prithibir tikta hasi
Dilo amar prane phansi
Ebar ami khunjbo amai
Amar hiyar supta guhai
Ami habo amai paowar sadhana


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O dear desire of my vital life, around you
     laughs thunder-torture.Your world-tricks throw me into the blazing
     fire of false hunger-life.I know my dream-boat is far, very far,
     far beyond the farthest horizon.The bitter smile of this world is crucifying
     my vital life.Now I shall search for my real self
     in the dormant cave of my heart.I shall become my self-discipline and
     my self-discovery.

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