One Germany, One Soul, One Heart

22 English and Bengali songs about Germany, published on 1990-11-03

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
East Berlin East Berlin Purba Berlin Tomar 21 S
East Berlin 20 S
East Germany East Germany Purba 18 S
I Am a Dauntless, Selfless German Soul 2 S
Germany, I Bow 4 S
Hostility’s Death 9 S
Ignorance-Supremacy-Torture-Hunger 7 S
Purba Germany Pashchim Germany 15 S
Berlin 19 S
My German Children 3 S T
Freedom-Feast and Oneness-Nest 11 S
Cologne 22 S
East Germany and West Germany 13 S
German Hiya German Man German Pran 17 S
Germany.. Tumi Aj Ekatar Maha Bani 14 S

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