O Bujhi Kanu Jai

Composed on Dec. 17th, 1972


O bujhi Kanu jai
Nupur diye pai
Shuni charan dhwani
Dure uthichhe rani
Jadi phire takai
Rakhal shudhu jai
O bujhi Kanu jai
Nayan jena dhai
Je pathe Kanu rai
Godhuli bela sheshe
Madhur hasi hese
Godhan niye jai


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

There goes my Beloved, my sweet Lord,
     the anklets ringing on His Feet.
I hear the music of His Flute
     vibrating through the horizons.
If ever my cowherd boy should cast a glance
     behind Him, still He only goes forward.
Let my eyes follow the track my
     Beloved treads.
In the twilight hour of the day, with a sweet
     and serene smile,
Leading the herds of varied light,
My cowherd boy goes.

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