Nirabata Nirabata Ogo Nirabata

Composed on Apr. 18th, 1973


Nirabata nirabata ogo nirabata
Tomai shudhu dake amar hiyar byakulata
Tomar prane ghumiye achhe bishwajayi bani
Tumi shudhu tumi amar prabhur charan khani
Amar praner alo pakhi tomar hasir sathi
Amai karo tumi ebar maran bihir rati
Ami amar agyanata andhakarer rup
Tomar jyotir plabane aj habo ami chup


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Silence, silence, silence!
My heart’s eager cry always longs for     you alone.In your heart is resting the world-conquering
     message.You alone are the Feet of my Beloved
     Lord Supreme.The illumination-bird of my heart is the comrade
     of your smile supernal.O silence, make my entire being free from
     the ignorance-night of death.I was the self-form of ignorance-life,
     the self-form of darkness;Today I am all silence In the flood of
     your nectar-effulgence.

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