Nil Pakhi Hase Hriday Gabhire

Composed on Dec. 17th, 1972


Nil pakhi hase hriday gabhire nil pakhi kare khela
Sabare dakichhe lavanya rup ananda ghana mela
Surya chandra esechhe sabai esechhe baridhi giri
Asimer dake chale jabo mora samukhe jyotir sinri
Hriday moder alor kusum amara prabhur asha
Bishwa srashta nahe ar kichhu amader bhalobasa


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

In the depth of my heart the blue bird
     smiles and the blue bird plays.The festival of lustre-form and
     celestial delight is inviting everyone.The sun, the moon, the mountains
     and the ocean all have come.Today we shall listen to the call of
     Infinity.We shall run toward Infinity.
Right in front of us is the ladder of Light.
Our hearts have become the flower of
     Light Divine.We are the hope of our Lord Supreme.
The world-creator is none other than our love.

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