Nikhil Parane Sakal Paran

Composed on Feb. 18th, 1973


Nikhil parane sakal paran
Ek abhinna jani
Tabu kena hai aparer prane
Aharaha ami hani
Amara sabai niyati bhritya
Lalate moder se kare nritya
Prashanti majhe niyati samadhi
Jani se gopan katha
Dhalo mor prane ogo ankhimani
Madhumoy nirabata


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

In the universal heart all hearts
Are one, inseparable, I know.
Yet knowing this, I hurt the hearts
Of others day and night.
We are all the slaves of fate;
It dances on our foreheads.
In peace sublime is the extinction-sleep of fate.
I know this secret.
O Jewel of my eye,
Pour into my heart Your golden Silence.

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