Nayan Nehare Bishwa Bhuban

Composed on Dec. 31st, 1974


Nayan nehare bishwa bhuban
Herena tahar pran
Tai ankhi duti ruddha kariya
Jogi kare tar dhyan
Shruti shudhu shune bahirer katha
Shunena oishi bani
Sangjata tai shrutire kariche
Satya tapasa gyani


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

The eye sees the entire world
But it sees not its own life;
Therefore, keeping the two eyes closed,
The Yogi meditates on You,
O Lord Supreme.
The ear hears only
The messages and the clamour of the outer world.
It hears not the messages
Of the highest Heaven;
Therefore, the true seeker of wisdom
Always tries to keep his ears
Under his perfect control.

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