Nai Je Kichui Nai


Nai je kichhui nai
Dekhabar mato shunabar mato
Nai je kichhui nai
Sadhan bhajan dhyan aradhan
Nai je kichhui nai
Charidike achhe shudhu hahakar
Dhuli kardama chhai
Bishai basana swalpe tushti
Nai je kichhui nai


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I have nothing.
I have nothing to show or tell.
I have no spirituality, no worship,
No meditation, no adoration;
Only around me are inner pangs and
     frustrations,Dust, clay and ash.
I am satisfied with the world of
     matter and desire.I am compelled to be satisfied with little,
     very little.I have nothing.

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