My Song-River-Heart, Part 2

60 English songs, published on 1992-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
What I Need Is a God-Breathing Heart 1 S
My Life Is a Daily Commitment 2 S
Never Be a Stranger 3 S
I Pray with My Sunshine-Heart 4 S
I Meditate with My Rainbow-Soul 5 S
Failure Can and Will 6 S
My Soul Leads My Heart 7 S
My Earthly Life Is in Between 8 S
What I Need Is a Permanent Peace 9 S
You May Not Be Perfect 10 S
Escape, Escape 11 S
God-Manifestation-Teamwork 12 S
Compassion, Perfection and Satisfaction 13 S
Every Morning My Lord Amplifies 14 S
Never Make Foolish Mockery 15 S
Ingratitude-Monarch 16 S
O My Smiling Soul 17 S
No More Shall I See the Fall 18 S
The Galaxy of Delight 19 S
No Gratitude-Replacement 20 S
O My Mind, Lead Me Not into the Chasm 21 S
O God’s Compassion-Eye 22 S
My Ten Thousand Prayerful Tears 23 S
Who Can Tell Me? 24 S
My Heart, Be Not Lost 25 S
Expedite 26 S
Talent, If I Have Any 27 S
My Morning Panic 28 S
Breathe, Breathe 29 S
Alas, Alas, Alas 30 S
My Wisdom-Soul 31 S
A Sincerity-Mind 32 S
Not Needed by God 33 S
My Mistake-Free Life 34 S
At Long Last (2) 35 S
Short on Heart-Meditation 36 S
As God Knows How to Hide 37 S
No More My Ego-Indulgence 38 S
O My High Voltage Eagerness-Heart 39 S
Smiling Soulfully and Soaring Speedily 40 S
Keep Your Mind-Door Open 41 S
When Time Creates Me 42 S
Two Impossible Liars 43 S
The Tourist in Me 44 S
Offer Your Oneness-Breath 45 S
Heart-Flower-Fragrance 46 S
A Self-Assertion-Mind 47 S
O My Dream-Seeds 48 S
Earth-Bound Cry I Was 49 S
Every Day I Drink 50 S
A Stainless Mind 51 S
My Lord, I Need Your Thunder-Will 52 S
My Lord, Let Me Not Sleep 53 S
A Purity-Heart Stays Forever Young 54 S
May My Heart Be an Aspiration-Mountain 55 S
With the Smiles of My Soul 56 S
My Aspiration-Heart 57 S
Will You Ever Tell Me Why? 58 S
Earth-Possession-Supremacy 59 S
Process I Shall Change If I Have To 60 S

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