My Song-River-Heart, Part 1

65 English songs from Christmas 1988-1989, published on 1992-07-08

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
No Matter What Happens 1 S
No Matter What I Do 2 S
No Matter Where I Go 3 S
No Matter What I Become 4 S
No Matter Who 5 S
No Matter How Often 6 S
No Matter How Many Times I Have Failed 7 S
No Matter How Many Times 8 S
God Has No Time to Read 9 S
May I Enjoy Every Day 10 S
Whenever There Is a Doubt-Meeting 11 S
O My Heart’s God-Confidence-Life 12 S
Every Day My Soul Trains My Heart 13 S
Because I Live 14 S
God’s Compassion-Heart Travels 15 S
Chase Away 16 S
Finally, My Mind Has Crashed 17 S
I Shall Not Allow My Ingratitude-Mind 18 S
An Ignorance-Life 19 S
O My Will-Power Adamantine 20 S
O My Heart’s Aspiration-Plane 21 S
My Confidence-Heart 22 S
If You Want To Be Another God 23 S
The Ignorance-Zoo 24 S
Every Day My Purity-Heart 25 S
No More My Heart Shall Listen 26 S
No, Not Tomorrow! 27 S
My Tiny Heart-Hope-Seed 28 S
O My Beloved Supreme 29 S
May My Life Become 30 S
The Cloud of Doubt 31 S
No, Not for Me 32 S
My Morning Friend 33 S
My Heart Thrives Only (1) 34 S
I Am All Ready to Start 35 S
I Never Allow Discouragement to Enter 36 S
My Cheerful Heart 37 S
Each Thought-Thorn-Mind 38 S
I Reject Temptation-Wages 39 S
Every Day My Lord Accepts 40 S
An Unwillingness-Mind 41 S
O Soulful Morning 42 S
No Dark Doubt-Morning 43 S
My Obedience-Promise 44 S
My Mind’s Artificial Poise 45 S
My Soul Is Welcoming My Heart 46 S
I Never Allow Fear to Be Fearless 47 S
My First God-Manifestation-Sunrise 48 S
My Volcano-Doubt-Mind 49 S
I Am Fully Determined 50 S
My Perfection-Life 51 S
Who Can Hide? 52 S
My Life’s Goodness 53 S
My Hope-Heart-Child 54 S
Even on Off Days 55 S
Victory Can Never Be Mine 56 S
O Upstream Faith 57 S
O My Mind, Are You Not Ashamed? 58 S
My Mind’s Re-Election Campaign 59 S
Be Not Caught Any More 60 S
Beautiful Is the Total Eclipse 61 S
My Heart’s Gratitude-Room 62 S
Drop, Drop at Once 63 S
A Self-Proclaimed Glory 64 S
The Beauty of Transcendental Truth 65 S

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