My Heart’s God-Songs

88 English (25 Christmas Trip 2000 and 58 Eng. 7/23/95 with word “God”), published on 2001-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God-Lovers Are God-Warriors 1 S
God-Worshippers Are God-Feeders 2 S
God-Meditators Are God-Elevators 3 S
God-Servers 4 S
God-Seers 5 S
God-Knowers Are God-Partners 6 S
God-Boasters Are God-Betrayers 7 S
God-Thinkers Are God-Beginners 8 S
God-Preachers 9 S
God-Criers Are God-Flyers 10 S
God-Doubters Are God-Pinchers 11 S
God-Philosophers 12 S
God-Seekers 13 S
God-Dreamers Are God-Breathers 14 S
God-Yogis Are God-Drinkers 15 S
God-Believers Are God-Smilers 16 S
God-Gurus Are God-Awakeners 17 S
God-Singers 18 S
God-Children Are God-Owners 19 S
God-Obeyers Are God-Winners 20 S
God-Flatterers Are God-Charmers 21 S
God-Surrenderers 22 S
God-Invokers Are God-Realisers 23 S
God-Treasurers Are God-Becomers 24 S
God-Avatars Are God-Shoulders 25 S
Simplicity Is God’s Beauty 26 S
Sincerity Is God’s Wisdom 27 S
Purity Is God’s Smile 28 S
Humility Is God’s Song 29 S
Divinity 30 S
My Perfection Is Another Name 31 S
My Oneness 32 S
A Yogi’s Purest Purity 33 S A
An Avatar 34 S
To Have an Avatar Guru 35 S
Love Is the Essence of God’s Divinity 36 S
The Willing Shall Feel 37 S
An Aspiring Man 38 S A
We Shall Never Find any Replacement 39 S
Opportunity Means 40 S
He Who Loves Never Grows Old 41 S
Self-Effort Is Necessary 42 S
God’s Divinity Dreams 43 S
I See Myself 44 S
When God’s Will Is Not My Will 45 S
My God-Obedience Is My Aspiration-Trophy 46 S
Justice-Glasses (2) 47 S
God Teaches Only the Heart-Singers 48 S
God Is Unreachable 49 S
Between My Life and Death 50 S
God the Eye Tells Me to Be Perfect 51 S
God the Eye Shows Me the Way 52 S
Mine Is a God-Dream 53 S
With My Concentration-Acquaintance 54 S
With My Meditation-Friend 55 S
With My Contemplation-Brother 56 S
A Life of Austerity 57 S
God the Master Becomes God the Slave 58 S
I May Not Always Please God 59 S
Today I Am Determined 60 S
Yesterday I Pleased 61 S
Today I Am Pleasing God 62 S
Tomorrow I Shall Be Pleasing God 63 S
Yesterday I Gave God 64 S
Today I Am Giving God 65 S
Tomorrow I Shall Be Giving God 66 S
Yesterday God Showed Me 67 S
Today God Is Showing Me 68 S
Tomorrow God Will Show Me 69 S
Yesterday 70 S
Today My Life-Book Reads 71 S
My Life-Book 72 S
Prayer Cries for God 73 S
Prayer Glorifies God 74 S
Sailing in the Same Boat 75 S
I Pray for an Elevator Ride 76 S
Of All the Limbs of God 77 S
Show Your Surrender-Life 78 S
I Came into the World 79 S
Only a Peace-Bird-Heart 80 S
Peace Will Take You Closer to God 81 S
Look Up, Look Up 82 S
In Life There Are Many Questions 83 S

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