My Gratitude-Flowers for the United Nations

40 English songs, published on 1991-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
The Beauty of Transcendental Truth 1 S
God’s Compassion-Eye Came to Me 2 S
Even in the Night of Sufferings 3 S
The Hour Is Fast Approaching 4 S
My Sleepless Hunger 5 S
My Heart’s Blossoming Faith Is Always Deaf 6 S
My Hope-Streams 7 S
My Blue-Gold Inspiration-Bird 8 S
My Lord Supreme, Make Me Cry 9 S
At Last My Doubting Mind 10 S
Obedience Is My Purity’s Sweetness-Heart 11 S
Willingness 12 S
Because of God’s Compassion-Eye 13 S
Because of God’s Forgiveness-Heart 14 S
Expelled 15 S
My Surrender-Heart 16 S
Everywhere My Mind Sees 17 S
I Shall Never Allow My Mind to Resume 18 S
God the Carpenter 19 S
I Am Not Enslaved Any More 20 S
What Am I Doing? 21 S
I Have a Valid Passport 22 S
My Vastness-Richness-Core 23 S
My Frustration Is a Ferocious Tiger 24 S
Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute 25 S
I Must Never Blame God 26 S
My Mind Visits Inspiration-Village 27 S
Eagerness Is the Best Beginning 28 S
Truth Is in All (3) 29 S
There Is No Perfect Excuse 30 S
At Last 31 S
My Heart’s Rainbow-Dream 32 S
No Man Is a Complete Failure 33 S
Prayerful, Soulful and Cheerful Moments 34 S
Where Has My Heart’s Aspiration-Cry Gone? 35 S
Love and Faith 36 S
I Am Alive, I Shall Remain Alive 37 S
Compassion-Boatman 38 S
Insecurity-Tragedy 39 S
Truth Is in All (4) 40 S

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