My God-Master Is the Only One

55 English songs from 'My God-Master' 8/15/95, published on 1997-04-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Absolute Lord Supreme 1
My God-Master Is the One Master 2
My God-Master Has Given Me His Own Map 3
A Talking Miracle 4 S A
Not to Act Like a Fool 5
My God-Master Is Telling Me 6
My Pride-Flooded, All-Knowing Mind 7
A Purity-Flooded Surrender-Heart 8 S A
Not to Blame Anybody 9
My God-Master Wants Me to Surrender 10
My God-Master Wants Me to Make Friends 11
My God-Master Wants Me to Stop 12
My God-Master Wants Me to Become 13
My God-Master Wants Me to Know 14
Unless I Accept My God-Master 15
Behold My God-Master 16
My God-Master Is Telling the Whole World 17
I Want Happiness 18
My God-Master Does Not See 19
Because I Have Given 20
My God-Master 21
Too Much Importance 22
Stabbed by Fear 23
On the Way to the Golden Shore 24
My God-Master Is Not So Cruel 25
My God-Master’s Dream-Seed 26
Each Time I Think of My God-Master 27
My God-Master’s Heart-Prosperity-Fragrance 28
My God-Master’s Limitless Heart-World 29
My God-Master Asks Me 30
I Am Listening to My God-Master 31
My God-Master Is So Happy with Me 32
My God-Master’s Satisfaction-Dream-Fulfilment 33
My God-Master Is So Sad 34
My God-Master’s Supremely Chosen Instrument 35
I Am Asking My Mind to Cry 36
My Unconditional Surrender-Life 37
My God-Master Does Not Want Me to Be 38
At Least for One Solitary Day 39 S A
A Loser in the Spiritual World 40 S A
In Secrecy Supreme My God-Master Comes 41
My God-Master Wants Me to Take 42
I Am Listening 43
If I Become a Heart-Sprinter 44
My God-Master Is the Only One 45
According to My God-Master 46 S A
My God-Master Does Not Want Me to Play 47
Inside My God-Master’s Compassion-Eye 48
Why Do I Not Feel? 49
It Is My Bounden Duty 50
Expectation-Greed 51
My God-Master Proudly Treasures 52
Can I Not Hear? 53
My God-Master Wants Me to Be Only One Thing 54
My God-Master’s Love-Sky 55

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