My Complete God-Surrender

142 English songs from July 1995, published on 1995-01-07

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord’s Deepest Love-Pride 29
No Longer Stupid and Blind 30
My Only Home 31
When It Is a Matter of God 32
The Mind That Tries and Tries 33 S
Alas, for My Poor Heart 34
I Have Resolved Never to Complain 35
My Complete God-Surrender-Song 36 S
With God, No God-Lover Disputes 37
My Lord's Heart And Eye Weep And Weep 38
My Lord, Bless Me 39
My Sweet Lord’s Tears 40
I Was a Willing Slave 41
I Am a Volley of Man-Complaints 42 S
Heavenly Instructions 43
I Shall Be There 44
My Heart of Love God Remembers 45
My Instant Peace 46
My Discipline-Life 47 S
A Truth-Seeker 48 S A
I Shall Not Permit Myself 49
A Sleepless, Breathless Faith-Follower 50 S A
No More Self-Confidence-Crisis 51
My Faith-Success-Story 52
Expect Not! You Will Win the God-Race 53
Humility, My Receptivity’s Multiplicity 54
My Lord Is Proud of My Heart’s Delight 55
A Mind of Failure 56
My Mind Betrays My Lord 57
The Path of Doubt 58
A Sweet Peace-Song 59 S A
Oh, I Want Not My Mind’s Foolish Fantasy 60
My Dream-Awakened Life 61
Be Heart-Wise 62
Oh, Keep Your Mind Mountain High 63
My Heart-Room 64
Oh, How Can My Life Ever Thrive? 65 S
O, Try and Try and Try 66
O Doubting Mind 67 S
My God-Dreaming Heart 68 S
The Courage of My Heart’s God-Conviction 69
To Shatter Ignorance-Grip, Cancel 70 S
My Heart’s Aspiration-Train 71
Satisfaction Is Neither Here Nor There 72 S
Oh, Nothing Can Be Marred by Man 73
No One Can Change the World 74
God Is Speaking to My Heart Directly 75
Smash Not God’s Heart 76
My Soul and My Master 77
Quickly Empty 78
My Mind Was Eternity’s Darkest Night 79
Victory to God’s Compassion-Flood 80
My Success-Life 81
I Love My Lord Only 82
You Had a Mental Fight 83
Death Has a Message for You 84
Duly and Daily 85
Who Is Heaven’s Mother? 86
Not Once, But Thrice 87
O Dreaming Heaven 88
Human Life Is Endless Limitation 89
Truth, My Truth 90
I Play Not Alone 91
The Utmost Force 92
The Traveller in Me 93
Sincerity Is an Inspiring Beauty 94
O Body, I Am Tired 95 S
Lord, I Enjoy Your Juggling Eyes 96
Each Prayer 97
I Thought About God 98
God-Hunger-Cry 26
Purity Is Matchless 1 S
The More My Life Enjoys the Outer Sleep 2 S
What Is My Name, My Real Name? 3 A
The Outer Mind 4 S
I Pray to See God’s Face 5
God’s Compassion Creates Happiness 6
Seeker, If You Sleep 7
Ah, When My Heart Lives on God-Hunger 8 S A
My Final Farewell to My Deception-Mind 9
Within, Without, My Wild Doubt-Drum 10
When I Am in My Searching Mind 11
O My Heart’s Sweet Fountain-Willingness 12
My Morning Prayer 13
My Life’s Pure Service-Length 14
Be Brave, My Heart 15
A Restive Mind Divided 16 S A
Keep Not Mankind Behind 17
Inside My Mind-Cage 18
Sleepless, I Long to Weep for You 19
O Lord, Do Make My Heart Receptive 20
God’s Perfection-Glory 21
The Bitterness of My Mind 22
My Mind Is a Ruthless Heart-Attacker 23
O God’s Thunder-Justice 24 S
Ah, Who Am I? 25 S A
Mine Is the Soul 27
Meditation, My Meditation 28
Something That Can Never Be Old 0
My Lord’s Name Is Forgiveness 0
A Purity-Heart Is Never Empty 0
To Choose the Real 0
A Yogi’s Mind 0
Time Is Motion 0 S
A Desiring Man 0
The Mind of Reason Fails 0 S
When We Are Sincere 0 S
Soul Is Preparation 0 S
Doubt Binds Us 0 S
Oneness-Heart-Children (2) 0 S
Life’s Indifference-Book 0
When I Think, I Sink 0 S
When Love Fails 0
I Look Beautiful 0 S
I Am Challenging My Ingratitude-Mind 0 S
No More Shall I Ignore 0
Each and Every Friend of Mine 0
I Am So Happy That I Have a New Name 0 S
Confidence 0
Man’s Human Glory 0
The Fastest Speed 0
Somebody Has to Listen 0 S
Comparison 0
The Mind Must Desire 0 S
Silence Is Beyond 0 S
My Life Swims Every Day 0 S
My Unconditional Surrender 0
Each Desire 0
Goodbye, Ego, Goodbye 0 S
Nothing Can Be More Powerful 0
Nothing Can Be More Fruitful 0
Nothing Can Be More Beautiful 0
Pleasure Perishes 0 S
Gratitude and Surrender-Flights 0 S
Prayer Is a Hope-Pilgrim 0 S
At Long Last I Was Able to Say Goodbye 0 S A
Anger Blasts 0
My Mind Is a Thunder-Drummer-Boy 0 S
The Outer World 0 S
Immediately Start Unlearning 0 S
Immediately Start Learning 0 S
Only a Purity-Heart 0

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