My Complete God-Surrender

142 English songs from July 1995, published on 1995-01-07

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Lord’s Deepest Love-Pride 29
No Longer Stupid and Blind 30 S
My Only Home 31
When It Is a Matter of God 32 S
The Mind That Tries and Tries 33 S
Alas, for My Poor Heart 34 S
I Have Resolved Never to Complain 35 S
My Complete God-Surrender-Song 36 S
With God, No God-Lover Disputes 37 S
My Lord's Heart And Eye Weep And Weep 38 S
My Lord, Bless Me 39 S
My Sweet Lord’s Tears 40
I Was a Willing Slave 41 S
I Am a Volley of Man-Complaints 42 S
Heavenly Instructions 43
I Shall Be There 44 S
My Heart of Love God Remembers 45 S
My Instant Peace 46 S
My Discipline-Life 47 S
A Truth-Seeker 48 S A
I Shall Not Permit Myself 49 S
A Sleepless, Breathless Faith-Follower 50 S A
No More Self-Confidence-Crisis 51 S
My Faith-Success-Story 52 S
Expect Not! You Will Win the God-Race 53 S
Humility, My Receptivity’s Multiplicity 54
My Lord Is Proud of My Heart’s Delight 55
A Mind of Failure 56 S
My Mind Betrays My Lord 57 S
The Path of Doubt 58 S
A Sweet Peace-Song 59 S A
Oh, I Want Not My Mind’s Foolish Fantasy 60 S
My Dream-Awakened Life 61 S
Be Heart-Wise 62
Oh, Keep Your Mind Mountain High 63
My Heart-Room 64
Oh, How Can My Life Ever Thrive? 65 S
O, Try and Try and Try 66
O Doubting Mind 67 S
My God-Dreaming Heart 68 S
The Courage of My Heart’s God-Conviction 69 S
To Shatter Ignorance-Grip, Cancel 70 S
My Heart’s Aspiration-Train 71 S
Satisfaction Is Neither Here Nor There 72 S
Oh, Nothing Can Be Marred by Man 73
No One Can Change the World 74 S
God Is Speaking to My Heart Directly 75 S
Smash Not God’s Heart 76 S
My Soul and My Master 77 S
Quickly Empty 78
My Mind Was Eternity’s Darkest Night 79 S
Victory to God’s Compassion-Flood 80
My Success-Life 81
I Love My Lord Only 82
You Had a Mental Fight 83 S
Death Has a Message for You 84 S
Duly and Daily 85 S
Who Is Heaven’s Mother? 86
Not Once, But Thrice 87 S
O Dreaming Heaven 88
Human Life Is Endless Limitation 89 S
Truth, My Truth 90
I Play Not Alone 91 S
The Utmost Force 92 S
The Traveller in Me 93 S
Sincerity Is an Inspiring Beauty 94 S
O Body, I Am Tired 95 S
Lord, I Enjoy Your Juggling Eyes 96 S
Each Prayer 97
I Thought About God 98 S
God-Hunger-Cry 26
Purity Is Matchless 1 S
The More My Life Enjoys the Outer Sleep 2 S
What Is My Name, My Real Name? 3 A
The Outer Mind 4 S
I Pray to See God’s Face 5
God’s Compassion Creates Happiness 6
Seeker, If You Sleep 7 S
Ah, When My Heart Lives on God-Hunger 8 S A
My Final Farewell to My Deception-Mind 9
Within, Without, My Wild Doubt-Drum 10 S
When I Am in My Searching Mind 11 S
O My Heart’s Sweet Fountain-Willingness 12
My Morning Prayer 13 S
My Life’s Pure Service-Length 14
Be Brave, My Heart 15 S
A Restive Mind Divided 16 S A
Keep Not Mankind Behind 17
Inside My Mind-Cage 18
Sleepless, I Long to Weep for You 19 S
O Lord, Do Make My Heart Receptive 20
God’s Perfection-Glory 21
The Bitterness of My Mind 22 S
My Mind Is a Ruthless Heart-Attacker 23 S
O God’s Thunder-Justice 24 S
Ah, Who Am I? 25 S A
Mine Is the Soul 27 S
Meditation, My Meditation 28
Something That Can Never Be Old 0
My Lord’s Name Is Forgiveness 0
A Purity-Heart Is Never Empty 0
To Choose the Real 0 S
A Yogi’s Mind 0
Time Is Motion 0 S
A Desiring Man 0 S
The Mind of Reason Fails 0 S
When We Are Sincere 0 S
Soul Is Preparation 0 S
Doubt Binds Us 0 S
Oneness-Heart-Children (2) 0 S
Life’s Indifference-Book 0
When I Think, I Sink 0 S
When Love Fails 0
I Look Beautiful 0 S
I Am Challenging My Ingratitude-Mind 0 S
No More Shall I Ignore 0 S
Each and Every Friend of Mine 0
I Am So Happy That I Have a New Name 0 S
Confidence 0
Man’s Human Glory 0
The Fastest Speed 0
Somebody Has to Listen 0 S
Comparison 0
The Mind Must Desire 0 S
Silence Is Beyond 0 S
My Life Swims Every Day 0 S
My Unconditional Surrender 0
Each Desire 0
Goodbye, Ego, Goodbye 0 S
Nothing Can Be More Powerful 0 S
Nothing Can Be More Fruitful 0 S
Nothing Can Be More Beautiful 0 S
Pleasure Perishes 0 S
Gratitude and Surrender-Flights 0 S
Prayer Is a Hope-Pilgrim 0 S
At Long Last I Was Able to Say Goodbye 0 S A
Anger Blasts 0
My Mind Is a Thunder-Drummer-Boy 0 S
The Outer World 0 S
Immediately Start Unlearning 0 S
Immediately Start Learning 0 S
Only a Purity-Heart 0 S

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