Mor Mana Bane Taba Madhu Banshi

Composed on Sep. 30th, 1973


Mor mana bane taba madhu banshi madhu sure oi baje
Alor lahari sanjhe ar bhore mor prane ghire raje
Taba madhu nam japi abiram amar sakal kaje
Shesh anurodh dibanishi rabe hriday gahan majhe


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

In the forest of my mind,
Your sweet Flute You are playing
Most melodiously and hauntingly.
The waves of light in the morning and
     in the eveningAre dancing below, above and around me.
Your Nectar-Name I repeat at every blossoming
     momentIn all my multifarious deeds.
My last plea is that I shall feel Your Presence
In the depth of my heart.

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