Miscellaneous English Songs

25 English songs

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Pray, I Pray 1 S
I Love You, My Lord 2 S
Halloween 3
The Mind’s Willingness 4
Nobody Can Pass 5
Each Time I Lose a Pound 6 S
The Caged Bird 7 S
O Heaven, Be Not Cruel to Me 8 S
As Critics Are Ready-Made 9 S
Alas, I Can Clearly See 10 S
To My Extreme Joy 11 S
Enter We Must 12 S
New Year’s Message for 1996 13 S
Two God-Amusement-Rivals 14 S
All Great Men 16 S
Ganapati, Madal, Chinmoy 17 S
Aspiration-Comrade-Souls 18 S
No Friendship Lasts 19 S
Fifty Telephone Numbers by Heart 20 S
Fat Is No Good 21 S
I Am an Orphan 22 S
O, in the Year Nine Nine Nine Nine 23 S
Best Buddies 24 S
My Morning Soul-Blessings 25

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