Milbena Bhai Milbena

Composed on Feb. 18th, 1973


Milbena bhai milbena
Akash kusum kalpana tor
Phul haye ar phutbena
Phutbena phutbena phutbena
Nai milila nai phalila
Nai purila asha
Praner bhalobasa
Keman kare janai jake take
Nahoi amai dake tara dake


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Brother, you won’t get it; you won’t get it.
You are building castles in the air.
Your imagination-flower will not blossom.
Even though I don’t get it;
Even though my hopes and dreams are not fulfilled,
How can I offer my heart’s love to anyone else,No matter who calls me?

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