May My Heart-Flower-Smile Never Fade Away

61 English songs, published on 1992-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
May My Heart-Flower-Smile 1 S
May I Never Become 2 S
My Sadness-Heart 3 S
May I Never Be Assailed 4 S
May Each and Every Breath of My Heart 5 S
May I Never Shoot 6 S
May I Keep a Strict Watch 7 S
May I Become a Lifelong Friend 8 S
May My Enthusiasm-Heart 9 S
May I Never See 10 S
May I Never Be Exiled 11 S
May My Heart’s Faith-Tower 12 S
May My Heart’s Peace Torch 13 S
May I Not Cover My Heart-Garden 14 S
May I Not Live Any More in Anxiety 15 S
Willingness-“YES” 16 S
May I Give All-Importance 17 S
My Soul-Summer 18 S
May I Never Lament 19 S
May I Believe 20 S
May I Appreciate 21 S
May I Every Day Go 22 S
My God-Surrender-Examination 23 S
May My Heart’s God-Telephone 24 S
May I Cling to My Heart 25 S
My Earthly Freedom 26 S
May I Not Allow My Doubt-Mind 27 S
May I Have a Heart That Forgives 28 S
May My Heart Offer Happiness-Flowers 29 S
May I Have an Aspiration-Pull-Heart 30 S
May My Vital Never Pretend 31 S
May Each Thought of My Mind 32 S
May My Aspiration-Heart Never Be 33 S
May I Realise Every Day 34 S
An Unconditional Surrender-Specialist 35 S
May My Heart-Life Over Be 36 S
May I Sing Day and Night 37 S
Satisfaction-Excellence 38 S
May I Never Be Unwilling and Unready 39 S
May They Never Starve 40 S
May I Never Surrender 41 S
Fear’s Prison 42 S
May I Not Cherish 43 S
May I Daily Try 44 S
May All My-Vital-Attachment-Links 45 S
From Insincerity 46 S
May I Know? 47 S
May I Not Accuse God 48 S
May I Never Be Caught 49 S
May My Heart Be Never Too Old 50 S
May I Prayerfully Wait 51 S
May I Daily Feed 52 S
May My Reality-Life Be 53 S
May My Soul Dream On 54 S
May My Soul’s Dance Be Heaven’s Gift (2) 55 S
May My Heart’s Song Be Earth’s Gift 56 S
May I Not Receive the Old Age 57 S
May I Not Be a Fool (2) 58 S
May I Not Be A Fool to Spring Ever 59 S
Your Private Phone Number 60 S
Your Home Address 61 S

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