Mago Tomar Charan Tale

Composed on Aug. 27th, 1974


Mago tomar charan tale
Ke diyeche phul
Ke jeleche tomar kache
Sandhyaratir dip
Kahar bhale puja sheshe
Ankbe mago tip
Kon pujari dhainya habe
Tomar jaya gane
Kare tumi mantra debe
Aji kane kane
Ke se etoi priyatama
Shuddha shanta jib
Sarga hate nemeche ki
Brahma Vishnu Shib


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother, who has placed flowers at Your feet?
Who has kindled the evening lamp before You?
At the end of worship, on whose forehead
Will You place Your benediction-mark?
Who is the worshipper to be blessed
By singing Your victory-song?
Whom shall You initiate in silence-secrecy today?
Who is that beloved of Yours, so pure and silent?
Has he, like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,
Descended onto earth?

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