Mago Juddhe Jabo Balo Jadi Marbo Asur Raj

Composed on Aug. 26th, 1975


Mago mago mago
Juddhe jabo balo jadi marbo asur raj
Tomar sathe theke mago karbo tomar kaj
Balo jadi hate pari sabar sera lok
Tribhuvane thakbena ar jara mrittyu shok


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother, I shall go to the battlefield
And destroy the formidable foes,
If such is Your Will.
Again, if You want,
I shall stay beside You
And devotedly do Your work.
If You want me to be a matchless man
   On earth,That, too, I can become,
And I shall cast aside sorrow,
Dotage and death from this earth-life
At Your express Command.

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