Lord, I Thank You

45 English songs from Fall, 1988, published on 1995-12-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Lord, I Thank You for Your Smile 1
Awake, Awake You Lazy Sleepers! 2
Here I Cry for God 3
You Are So Near 4
One Who Truly Loves God 5
I Live in God’s Forgiveness-Sun 6
How to Start? 7
If You Take Aspiration-Vitamins 8
A Life of Surrender-Perfection 9
A Constant Gratitude-Heart (2) 10
Can You Not? (1) 11
What Can Poor God Do? 12
I Have Never Calculated My Loss and Gain 13
I Cry Because I Am So Imperfect 14
God’s Expanding Forgiveness-Garden 15
God-Doubters Do Not Know 16
Each Thought Is an Atomic Power 17
Wherever Your Compassion Takes Me 18
I Have Seen Two Things (1) 19
Your Heart’s Morning God-Hunger 20
The Only Way to Surprise God 21
One Solemn Oath 22
God’s Vision and His Compassion 23
Do You Remember? 24
I Still Think That God Loves Me 25
O True God Lovers 26
You Have Forgotten 27
Advance, Advance! 28
Cry Within and Smile Without 29
My Mind Likes Long Journeys 30
May My Heart-Garden Grow 31
Oneness-Delight 32
Sincerity Is My Heart’s Silver Dawn 33
I Pray to God for His Absolute Vision 34
Because You Are a Childlike Believer (1) 35
Each Aspiring Life 36
Success Is an Incident 37
God-Seekers Feast 38
Although There Is Nobody in the Audience 39
I Do Know Who You Are 40
Greatness-God I Adore 41
My Life Is Stationed In Between 42
I Shall Not Mind 43
Aspiration Begins 44
Because You Are a Childlike Believer (2) 45

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