Khulo Amar Hriday Duar Khulo (1)

Composed on Nov. 22nd, 1975


Khulo amar hriday duar khulo
Chapal shishur sakal truti bhulo
Tomar asim khamar majhe
Mor paraner bayu raje
Tumi bina jiban andhakar
Tumi mago jyoti parabar
Bhul kareo bhulte nahi paro amar prane
Kripar bhare bhangichho mor sakal abhimane


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Open my heart’s door,O, open my heart’s door.
Forget this restless child of Yours
Has made many mistakes.
Forgive all his mistakes.
Inside Your infinite Compassion
Abides my life-breath.
Without You, my life is all darkness.
You are the Ocean of Light.
I know, even by mistake,
You will not be able to forget me.
Through Your Compassion-Light
You are breaking and transforming
My ignorance-i.

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