Khama Karo ‘Forgive Me’

Writings on Forgiveness – book includes 50 Bengali/English songs, published on 1987-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
A Vast Heart 26 S
Alas, Alas, Even by Mistake 48 S
Always You Are 42 S
Jibaner Bhore Kariyacho Khama 29 S T
Where Is Punishment? 6 S
Who Will Forgive Me Today? 8 S
Without God’s Forgiveness 38 S
You Are Your Compassion-Eye 28 S
You Will Forgive Me 2 S
I Cried for Forgiveness 46 S
Dhire Ati Dhire Man Jangal 31 S T
Ke Amare Ogo Karibe Ajike Khama 7 S T
Manaser Bane Aparadh Kari 43 S T
Bhagabaner Khama Chhara 37 S T
Hundreds of Crimes of Mine 14 S
I Am Alive in this World 36 S
Tumi Tomar Kripar Ankhi 27 S T
Tumije Anadi 41 S T
Speedily and Speedily 34 S
Prabhu Taba Khama 3 S T
Puratane Khama Karite Haibe 19 S T
Your Punishment 40 S
Bahire Nehari Bidhata 17 S T
Basana Duar Ruddha Kariya 9 S T
Your Nectar-Sweet Eye 4 S
I Must Forgive My Own Past 20 S
In My Mind-Jungle 44 S
In My Outer Life, My Lord 18 S
In the Depths of My Heart Day and Night 16 S
Khama Lagi Kandte Habe 15 S T
Khama Tumi Karbe Jani 1 S T
Khamar Jogya Nahi Ami Jani Tabu 11 S T
Khamar Lagi Kendechilam 45 S T
Close My Desire-Door 10 S
Everything Is Far, Very Far 24 S
Forgiveness I Do Not Deserve 12 S
Shasti Kothai Shasti Kothai Kebal 5 S T
Shasti Tomar Tomar Khamar 39 S T
Shato Aparadh Kariyachi Khama 13 S T
Sleeplessly I Shall Cry Today 50 S
Slowly, Very Slowly in My Mind-Jungle 32 S
Animeshe Kandbo Ami 49 S T
At the Dawn of My Life 30 S
Ati Druta Gati Hridaya Kanane 33 S T
My Absolute Lord’s Forgiveness 22 S
Param Pitar Khama Jani Amar Lagi 21 S T
Param Pitar Nitya Nutan 35 S T
Param Prabhur Khama Bina 23 S T
Bishal Hriday Nahi Jage 25 S T
Hai Hai Hai Hai Bhul Kareo 47 S T

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