Katai Dekhechho

Composed on Apr. 20th, 1976


Katai dekhechho
Katai shunechho
Katai karechho pan
Tabu ki tomar
Mitheni pipasa
Bhareni khudra pran
Shunibar jaha shuneo shunani
Dekhibar jaha dekheo dekhani
Paoni atmagyan
Shudhu ghuritechho
Pathe pathe britha
Paoni patha sandhan


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

So many things you have seen.
So many things you have heard.
So many things you have tasted,
Yet quenchless is you thirst.
Your little life wants to see more,
Wants to hear more,
Wants to taste more.
The things worth hearing you have not heard.
The things worth seeing you have not seen.
God-realisation you have not yet achieved.
You are roaming aimlessly along the street,
No destination at all.

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