Kata Shatabar Bejechhe

Composed on Apr. 18th, 1973


Kata shatabar bejechhe parane madhumoy taba banshi
Tabu o jageni supta paran andhar gabhire rayechhe shayan
Mor abhiman bujena chahena asimer taba hasi
Bedana jatana peyechhi ashesh peyechhi dukher mala
Dyuloker alo mor kachhe kalo samasya se je bhalo ati bhalo
Chahibar jaha nahi chahi kabhu shudhu kahi abahela


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

How many hundreds of times in my heart’s depths     I have heard the nectar-notes of Your Flute!Yet my heart is lying fast asleep in the abyss
     of darkness.My sulking does not understand or want the smile
     of Your Infinity.Sufferings and pangs endlessly I have endured.
I have received the garland of sorrow.
The Light of Heaven is darkness to me.
Problems are good, very good.
Whatever I need to ask for, I ask not.
I just while away my time.

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