Kata Dure Tumi Niye Jabe More Asha

Composed on Sep. 30th, 1973


Kata dure tumi niye jabe more asha
Priya kata bhalobasa
Tomar hiyar kusum kalite bhore
Sanchoy kare dekhechho amar tore
Juge juge shudhu tumi achho chira sathi
Andhare ujjwal bati
Jibane marane tomai smariya chali
Paini je kul tareo jaoni chali
Tumi achho tai achhe ei mukhe bhasha
Rangin swapane dubiye rekhechho asha


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O my hope, how far will You carry me?
My Beloved Sweet, how much love and
     flower-fragranceHave You culled for me in my heart?
For aeons You have been my Companion eternal.
In my darkness-life You appear in Your Light’s     Effulgence.I invoke You at the dawn of my life,
During my life-course and at the end of my
     journey’s close.You neglect not even the one who is nowhere
     near the Shore.You exist; therefore I speak.
O my hope, You have enveloped Yourself
     in my rainbow-dream.

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