Kare Diye Bhaba Ghure

Composed on Apr. 20th, 1976


Kare diye bhaba ghure
Bishwa ghare dile thai
Dujan amar apan hale
Habe ki mor apan sabai
Cheye prabhu tomar charan
Sakal dukher halo maran
Ki chhai niye chhilam base
Ki dhan ami chahi nai


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

You have made me a mendicant.
I roam day and night along Eternity’s road.
Everywhere I discover my home.
You and I have become close to each other.
We feel each other as our own, very own.
Do You think this is enough for us
To claim the entire world as our very own?
Lord Supreme, when I look at Your Feet divine,
All my sufferings come to an end.
Alas, there was a time when I wallowed
In the pleasures of ignorance-ash, dirt, filth, dust
And forgot to long for the real wealth from You.

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