Journey's Goal, Part 7b

49 English songs, published on 1981-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
The Story of My Doleful Heart 1 S
My Tears Are Serving God 2 S
Into the World I Came 3 S
I Invoke the Flaming Dawn 4 S
Beloved Supreme 5 S
Lock Me, O Lord 6 S
Father, You Love Not Only Me 7 S
Father, You Want Me to Equal You 8 S
I Was Fired in Heaven 9 S
They Strive for Right 10 S
This Is the Hardest Miracle 11 S
I Aspire to Illumine My Desire-Night 12 S
Those Who Begin Today 13 S
Can You Tell Me, Friends? 14 S
Your Love Has Crowned My Day 15 S
Time Is Fleeting 16 S
Let Us Taste 17 S
True, Art Is Long 18 S
Once More Let Me Sail 19 S
Strive Hard, Seek Quick 20 S
O Lord of Golden Day 21 S
Man’s Ingratitude 22 S
O Lord of Love, O Lord of Life 23 S
Awake, O My Soul 24 S
A Shattered Boat 25 S
With His Eagle-Eyes 26 S
I Love the Words of Light 27 S
Just Stand and Wait 28 S
When Your Face Shines and Smiles 29 S
To the Zenith-Height 30 S
I Am Ready, O Ambition-Bird 31 S
Flowers Fade Away 32 S
The Small Hours 33 S
I Was Born on a Spotless Morn 34 S
Rest, My Heart 35 S
If You Have No God-Zeal 36 S
Slowly I Sow the Seed 37 S
O, Take My Heart 38 S
I Love the Heart of All 39 S
Because I Rowed My Boat 40 S
Roar, Roar, My Lion-Heart 41 S
Just Because You Are a Sage 42 S
O Unknown Morrow 43 S
O Follower of Earth 44 S
To Serve My Lord Supreme Best 45 S
O, Quote Me Not 46 S
Be Not a Fool! 47 S
A Baby Man 48 S
My Lord, If You Want to Fire Me 49 S

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