Journey's Goal, Part 6

64 English songs, published on 1981-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
A Soundless Voice 1 S
O Frank and Baby Smile 2 S
Your Silence I Sing 3 S
You Claim Me Still 4 S
I Shall Not Fail 5 S
Why, Why? 6 S
To Be, Indeed, a Cosmic God 7 S
Sing Me a Song, My Lord Supreme 8 S
Farewell, Farewell, O Ungrateful World 9 S
The Sound-Music of Humanity 10 S
One Fallen Flower 11 S
In Silence We Converse 12 S
I Shall Know More 13 S
My Ancient Sadness 14 S
Buddha under the Tree 15 S
A Too Familiar Song 16 S
A Silver Cry 17 S
Two Are the Tutors I Need 18 S
My Heart — Swimming in Silver Light 19 S
Your Lively Lustre 20 S
Flow Forth My Tears 21 S
O Silence-Speed 22 S
Lord, Give Me Your Speed 23 S
Come Out and Bloom 24 S
Because I Love Your Soul 25 S
Come, Come to Me 26 S
My Face Tells Me 27 S
Each Day I Die with Sleep 28 S
A Time to Love 29 S
O Lord Supreme, Give Me the Capacity 30 S
Now I Understand 31 S
Alas, Alas, Even My Own Heart 32 S
One Honest Tear 33 S
Only One Deed Can Feed 34 S
O, Fill My Heart 35 S
Experience Is My Teacher 36 S
There Is Nothing Worse Than Doubt 37 S
O, Kindle the Fire of Happiness 38 S
Joy Has a Dear Friend 39 S
O Busy Mind, Stop 40 S
I Shall Feed My Sacred Flame 41 S
It’s Too Late 42 S
Peace-Song I Have Sung 43 S
You Have Given Me a Full Eternity 44 S
My Tears Ascend 45 S
My Soulful Heart 46 S
How Can I Bark? 47 S
Splendid, My Silence-Sun 48 S
You Are Calling Me 49 S
O Soul of Endless Beauty 50 S
You Pray Well 51 S
Two Friends Have I 52 S
O Sweet Inspiration 53 S
My Secret I Reveal 54 S
I Spoke to God 55 S
How I Cried 56 S
Inspiration Takes Me to God 57 S
No Haste, No Waste 58 S
Although I Have Failed 59 S
My Father Has Taught Me 60 S
Mine Is the Life I Have Committed 61 S
I Kneel Before Thee in Prayer 62 S
Silence Immaculate I Need 63 S
Lord, Keep Me Humble 64 S

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