Journey's Goal, Part 6

64 English songs, published on 1981-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
A Silver Cry 17
A Soundless Voice 1 S
A Too Familiar Song 16
Alas, Alas, Even My Own Heart 32
Although I Have Failed 59
Joy Has a Dear Friend 39
No Haste, No Waste 58
Why, Why? 6 S
You Are Calling Me 49
You Claim Me Still 4 S
You Have Given Me a Full Eternity 44
You Pray Well 51
Each Day I Die with Sleep 28
Lord, Give Me Your Speed 23
Lord, Keep Me Humble 64
How Can I Bark? 47
How I Cried 56
Two Are the Tutors I Need 18
Two Friends Have I 52
Splendid, My Silence-Sun 48
Peace-Song I Have Sung 43
Your Lively Lustre 20
Your Silence I Sing 3 S
Because I Love Your Soul 25
My Father Has Taught Me 60
My Heart — Swimming in Silver Light 19
My Secret I Reveal 54
My Soulful Heart 46
My Tears Ascend 45
I Kneel Before Thee in Prayer 62
I Shall Feed My Sacred Flame 41
I Shall Know More 13
The Sound-Music of Humanity 10 S
A Time to Love 29
There Is Nothing Worse Than Doubt 37
To Be, Indeed, a Cosmic God 7 S
Now I Understand 31
O Busy Mind, Stop 40
O, Fill My Heart 35
O Frank and Baby Smile 2 S
O, Kindle the Fire of Happiness 38
O Lord Supreme, Give Me the Capacity 30
I Shall Not Fail 5 S
I Spoke to God 55
In Silence We Converse 12
Inspiration Takes Me to God 57
Come, Come to Me 26
Come Out and Bloom 24
Experience Is My Teacher 36
Farewell, Farewell, O Ungrateful World 9 S
Flow Forth My Tears 21
Silence Immaculate I Need 63
Sing Me a Song, My Lord Supreme 8 S
Mine Is the Life I Have Committed 61
My Ancient Sadness 14
My Face Tells Me 27
O Silence-Speed 22
O Soul of Endless Beauty 50
O Sweet Inspiration 53
One Fallen Flower 11
One Honest Tear 33
Only One Deed Can Feed 34
It’s Too Late 42
Buddha under the Tree 15

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