Jibaner Bhore Cheyechhi

Composed on Dec. 17th, 1972


Jibaner bhore cheyechhi tomare maraner sanjhe peyechhi
Antara bhela alo parabare sakal jatana bhulechhi
Kalpana nahe shudhu bastab
Shanta hriday nai kalarab
Khudra parane mahater lila dekhibare ami cheyechhi
Rupantarer alor banshari na jani kemane peyechhi


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

I sought You at the dawn of my life.
I achieve You in the evening of my life.
And now that the ferryboat of my heart
     is in the Ocean of Light,
I have forgotten all my pangs.
This is no imagination of mine; it is all reality.
Tranquil is my heart; no clamour.
In this tiny life
The Cosmic Game of the Infinite Vast
     I wanted to see.
I do not know how I have obtained the Flute
     of Light that is transforming my whole life.

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