I Pray to Become My Heart-Flower

43 English songs for children, published on 1995-12-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
It Only Takes a Moment 1 S
Mind, My Mind 2 S
Who Says Mine Is a Futile Search? 3 S
Without a Flicker of Hope 4 S
O My Mind, When I Live in You 5 S
I Have Broken My Ties 6 S
Happiness You Want? 7 S
I Love When I Run Errands 8 S
What I Every Day Need 9 S
The Road of God-Worshipping Hearts 10 S
My Life and I Must Climb Up 11 S
I Love to Dream God-Dreams 12 S
Humility’s Service-Breath 13 S
Alas, Mankind’s Ignorance-Mind 14 S
Willingness Is the First Step 15 S
An Expectation-Journey 16 S
A God-Surrender-Life 17 S
Liberation Within, Liberation Without 18 S
All My Desire-Wings I Shall Clip 19 S
Surrender-Sweetness 20 S
I See the Feet of My Lord Supreme 21 S
I Pray to Sit at God’s Feet 22 S
I Meditate to Feel God in My Heart 23 S
I Pray to Become a Great Man 24 S
I Meditate to Become a Perfect Child 25 S
I Pray to God to Make Me Happy 26 S
I Meditate to Make God Happy 27 S
I Pray to Become My Heart-Flower 28 S
I Meditate to Become My Soul-Fragrance 29 S
I Need an Aspiration-Heart-Sun 30 S
O Aspiration-Trooper 31 S
My Hope-Plant 32 S
Soulfully I Cry, Sweetly I Smile 33 S
I Have Thrown My Doubting Mind 34 S
My Lord, Do Teach Me 35 S
No End to My Absurd Demands 36 S
Goodbye My Ancient Insecurities 37 S
My Self-Doubt Buries Me 38 S
Alas, God’s Compassion-Eye 39 S
Lament Your Long-Lost Faith-Life 40 S
When My Mind Selects My Soul 41 S
An Ingratitude-Heart 42 S
Alas, Teeming Desire Clouds 43 S

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