I Implore Your Compassion-Light

54 Bengali/English songs, published on 1993-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Ami Jachi Taba Kripa Jyoti 1 S T
I Implore Your Compassion-Light 2 S
Ami Kandi Amar Hiyar Nire 3 S T
I Cry Inside My Heart-Nest 4 S
Ke Amare Baliche Ai 5 S T
Who Is Telling Me: Come? 6 S
Swapan Sathi 7 S T
O Dream-Companion 8 S
Kato Katha Balar Ache Balte Kare Bhoy 9 S T
So Much to Say 10 S
Sandeha Taskar Nai Ar Nai 11 S T
Doubt-Thief, No More! 12 S
Bhishan Aghat Kare 13 S T
Striking Me Hard 14 S
Nimesh Hara Kripar Bale Benche Achi 15 S T
Sleepless Compassion 16 S
Hiya Hok Mor Taba Pada Dhule 17 S T
May My Heart Become 18 S
Chetanar Rupantar 19 S T
My Nature’s Transformation 20 S
Bahudin Pare Pelam 21 S T
After a Long Time, I See Today 22 S
Chalte Hale Chalbo Ami 23 S T
If I Have to Walk in Darkness-Night 24 S
Ashar Pradip Halo Aji Hasi Pradip 25 S T
Hope-Lamp 26 S
Tomar Charan Amar Bhuban 27 S T
My World Is Your Feet 28 S
Tumi Je Tomar Kripar Baridhi 29 S T
May I Know at Every Moment 30 S
Pujbo Tomari Prabhu 31 S T
I Shall Worship You, My Lord 32 S
Jani Jani Chapalatar Sugopanam 33 S T
The Secret Name of Restlessness 34 S
Amar Sathi Nitya Nutan 35 S T
My Friend 36 S
Sara Ami Dibona 37 S T
I Shall Never Respond 38 S
Jibane Marane Bajabo 39 S T
In Life and in Death 40 S
Ashar Pathe Chalbo Ami 41 S T
Along the Path of Hope 42 S
Maner Bane Kantar Sane 43 S T
In the Mind-Forest 44 S
Janma Dibas Shapath Harash Ek Ek 45 S T
Birthday and Promise-Ecstasy 46 S
Jug Jug Dhari Hiyar Bhakati 47 S T
Eternally Devotion-Heart 48 S
Tumi Amai Karecho Khama Taito Benche 49 S T
You Have Forgiven Me 50 S
Andhar Sathe Kheli Ami 51 S T
I Play with Darkness 52 S
Atma Tyager Bishal Hiya 53 S T
My Name Shall Be 54 S

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