I Am a Fool

60 English songs, published on 1991-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
I Talk Too Much 1 S
I Eat Too Much 2 S
I Sleep Too Much 3 S
I Fear My Lord 4 S
I Hate My Life 5 S
I See No Hope 6 S
I Do Nothing 7 S
I Know Nothing 8 S
I Blame the World 9 S
I Boast and Boast 10 S
I Do Not Pray 11 S
I Do Not Change 12 S
I Love Gossip 13 S
I Love Flattery 14 S
I Feed My Doubts 15 S
I Love Sound-Life 16 S
I Never Try 17 S
I Do Not Need God 18 S
I Chase Silence 19 S
I Grow Ill Thoughts 20 S
I Am Heartless 21 S
I Deny Truth 22 S
I Starve My Faith. I Am A Fool 23 S
I Love Lethargy 24 S
I Love Despair 25 S
I Hold Hatreds 26 S
I Choose Misery 27 S
I Add Desires 28 S
I Am Not Ready 29 S
I Can’t Forgive 30 S
I Do Not Forget 31 S
I Just Delay 32 S
I Crave for Fame 33 S
I Love Bondage 34 S
I Am Stubborn 35 S
I Break Promises 36 S
I Am Suspicious 37 S
I Am Orderless 38 S
I Waste Time 39 S
I Do Not Brave 40 S
I Don’t Unlearn 41 S
I Need Nobody 42 S
I Think Wrong Thoughts 43 S
I Am a Rumour-Enjoyer 44 S
I Drink Jealousy 45 S
I Do Not Smile 46 S
I Do Not Laugh 47 S
I Judge Everyone 48 S
I Claim Perfection 49 S
I Don’t Aspire 50 S
I Do Not Sing 51 S
I Sail Worry-Boat 52 S
I Veil My Heart 53 S
I Blind My Eyes 54 S
I Dine With Frowns 55 S
I Pity the World 56 S
I Crave for Power 57 S
I Torture My Soul 58 S
I Study at My Self-Doubt-School 59 S
Finally, I Admit 60 S

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