Heart-Home of the Immortals, The

86 English songs, many quotes by famous people., published on 1979-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Albert Einstein, Scientist-Sage! 81
Albert Einstein 83
Scientist Einstein 82
A Friendless Man 48
A Thing of Beauty 53
A Truth That Is Told with Bad Intent 7
Alone, Alone, All, All Alone 16
An Ideal Is Beyond Explanation 61
Because I Could Not Stop for Death 19
Death Is a Tax 59
Divide and Rule 46
Don’t Complain 40
Don’t Walk in Front of Me 13
Every Day, In Every Way 18
Free at Last 49
Give Me a Spark Of Nature’s Fire 9
God Is a Scientist, Not a Magician 37
God Is God and Man Is Man 58
God Is Love, I Dare Say 10
God Loves All Men 4
Gratitude Is the Sign of Noble Souls 1
Half a League 73
Heard Melodies Are Sweet 54
I Am Always Working on Something New 36
I Am Going Your Way 64
I Am Not Only a Pacifist 27
I Am Self-Employed 68
I Believe in a God 38
I Disapprove of What You Say 75
I Don’t Want to Be Quoted 8
I Have Nothing to Offer (1) 15
I Looked for My Soul 2
I Never Spoke with God 22
I Never Think of the Future 30
I Teach You the Superman 65
I Was Born 28
If I Am Sophocles, I Am Not Mad 72
If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking 24
If You Want To Get Along 69
In Three Words 42
It Is Chance That Makes Brothers 76
Love Conquers All 74
Man Seeks Freedom 55
My Life Closed Twice 20
O God, If There Be a God 3
Perfection of Means 33
Real Human Progress 34
Religion Is in the Heart 50
Swans Sing Before They Die 17
The Best Work Is Done Not By Rules 29
The Better Part of One’s Life 63
The First and Last Lesson of Love 60
The More You Depend upon God 57
The Mountains Look on Marathon 11
The Music in My Heart I Bore 77
The Only News I Know 23
The Softer You Sing 26
The Soul Selects Her Own Society 21
The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep (1) 41
There Is More to Life (1) 43
Thin People Are Beautiful 45
Through Obedience 66
To Life There Is No Death 56
To-morrow and To-morrow 71
Tomorrow Is Just a Fiction 47
True Friendship Between Two People 67
True Happiness 52
Try Not to Become 39
Two Men Look Out 62
Tyger! Tyger! 6
Veni, Vidi, Vici 12
We Did Not Choose 51
What Does Farewell Mean? 5
Thakurer Pran 45 T
Fountain-Art, No Chain (2) 78
The Heaven Below 25

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