Hari Jadi Ma Tor Kache Seito Amar Joy


Hari jadi ma tor kachhe seito amar joy
Tor hate ma ja diyechhi ta shudhu sanchoy
Ar baki sab mulya bihin kebal apabyoy
Piradayi pather bojha kajer kichhui noy
Atmagyaner pare amar tor kachhe ma har
Hale jani pabo ami shreshtha puraskar


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Mother, if I lose to You,
That is my only victory.
Whatever I have given into Your Hands,
Is my only savings.
To me, the rest is of no value, a mere waste,
And it only tortures me and stands as
     a burden on my way.I cannot put it to use.
When I lose to You,
After I have achieved my full realisation,
I know, my greatest reward I shall receive.

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