Greet the Morning

50 English songs, published on 1995-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Greet the Morning 1
The Inner Battle 2 S
The Heart That Loves God 10
God Will Choose Your Life 3 S
The Outer Success-Road 4
Only One Song to Sing 5 S
Success Is Measured 6
God the Powerful 9
Each Time I Pray, I See Inside My Heart 7 S
My Lord Supreme Asks Me 8
God’s Pride Knows No Bounds 11 S
The Beauty of the Morning 12 S
What I Need Is Indomitable Strength 13 S
There Are Many Boats That Sail Fast 14 S
God Wants From Us 15
Where Is My Mind’s Freedom? 16 S
I Have Come to Learn 17 S
A Surrender-Life 18
My Mind Wants Success-Procession 19
No Mind-Power, No Success 20 S
The Aspiration-Heart Began 21 S
In the Morning I Pray 22 S
You May Not Be Thinking of God 23 S
Prayer Is My Heart-Song 24 S
No Love-Devotion-Surrender-Stride 25 S
A Dance of Hope 26
Each Prayer Goes Up 27
As Every Day My LIfe Grows Shorter 28 S
My Soul Every Day Teaches My Heart 29
Once God Becomes Real to You 30
The Success-Trumpet 31 S
Do You Want To Be Happy? 32
Do You Want To Make God Really Happy? 33 S
Two Instruments I Practise Every Morning 34 S
My Lord, May My Life Begin Every Day 35 S
God Smiles at My Readiness 36 S
No Speed Limits 37
God Sings for Me 38 S
Eventually 39
My Lord, Do Show Me 40 S
The Mind’s Obedience-Smile 41
May My Soul’s Dance Be Heaven’s Gift (1) 42
May My Heart Never Stop Dreaming 43 S
My Prayer-Hands 44 S
Today I Have Danced 45
My Life’s Transformation-Deadline 46 S
When I Pray 47 S
In the Morning, God and I Meet Together 48 S
A Success-Story of God 49 S
You Are Beautiful 50

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