Greet the Morning

50 English songs, published on 1995-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Greet the Morning 1
The Inner Battle 2
The Heart That Loves God 10
God Will Choose Your Life 3
The Outer Success-Road 4
Only One Song to Sing 5
Success Is Measured 6
God the Powerful 9
Each Time I Pray, I See Inside My Heart 7
My Lord Supreme Asks Me 8
God’s Pride Knows No Bounds 11
The Beauty of the Morning 12
What I Need Is Indomitable Strength 13
There Are Many Boats That Sail Fast 14
God Wants From Us 15
Where Is My Mind’s Freedom? 16
I Have Come to Learn 17
A Surrender-Life 18
My Mind Wants Success-Procession 19
No Mind-Power, No Success 20
The Aspiration-Heart Began 21
In the Morning I Pray 22
You May Not Be Thinking of God 23
Prayer Is My Heart-Song 24
No Love-Devotion-Surrender-Stride 25
A Dance of Hope 26
Each Prayer Goes Up 27
As Every Day My LIfe Grows Shorter 28
My Soul Every Day Teaches My Heart 29
Once God Becomes Real to You 30
The Success-Trumpet 31
Do You Want To Be Happy? 32
Do You Want To Make God Really Happy? 33
Two Instruments I Practise Every Morning 34
My Lord, May My Life Begin Every Day 35
God Smiles at My Readiness 36
No Speed Limits 37
God Sings for Me 38
Eventually 39
My Lord, Do Show Me 40
The Mind’s Obedience-Smile 41
May My Soul’s Dance Be Heaven’s Gift (1) 42
May My Heart Never Stop Dreaming 43
My Prayer-Hands 44
Today I Have Danced 45
My Life’s Transformation-Deadline 46
When I Pray 47
In the Morning, God and I Meet Together 48
A Success-Story of God 49
You Are Beautiful 50

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