God Answers Prayers

47 English and Bengali mixed songs from 1996, published on 1999-08-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God Answers Prayers 1 S A
God Loves to Meditate 2 S A
God’s Ears Are Very Big 3 S A
God’s Eyes Do Not Know How to Sleep 4 S A
God’s Heart Is God’s Promise 5 S A
God Does Not Care for His Head 6 S A
God Simply Adores His Feet 7 S A
God’s Hands Are for Man to Use 8 S A
God’s Only Enemy Is God’s Justice 9 S A
God Is All Gratitude 10 S A
God’s Only Lord (1) 11 S A
God Has Forgiven His Disobedience-Son 12 S A
God’s Greatest Treasure (1) 13 S A
O Beauty-Infinity 14 S T A
My Master 15 S T A
My Self-Giving Life Has Begun 16 S T A
Shun Wrong Thoughts 17 S T A
O My Life-Tree 18 S T A
To Reach Your Bliss-Harbour 19 S T A
Hush Ignorance, Hush 20 S T A
My Lord, Your Nectar-Smile 21 S T A
Come, Come, My Sweet Lord 22 S T A
O Blue and True Compassion-Eye 23 S T A
O, Make My Mind as Vast as the Sky 24 S A
My Prayer-Life Is in Bloom 25 S T A
A God-Oneness-Heart Is in Bloom 26 S T
Come, Come, Come (1) 27 S T A
Life Is No Fun 28 S
Life Is No Fun. Life Is No Fun 29 S A
Run, Run Towards Your Beloved 30 S T A
Run Towards Your Beloved 31 S T A
Run, Run, Towards Your Beloved, Run 32 S T A
Dive Deep Within 33 S A
I Am My Lord’s Fondness-Toy 34 S T A
To Reach My Ultimate Goal 35 S T A
My Lord, Do Me a Big Favour 36 S T A
No More Ignorance-Sleep (2) 37 S A
I Have Received a Call 38 S A
At the Feet of My Master I Sit 39 S T A
At the Feet of My Master 40 S T A
At the Feet of My Master I Sing (2) 41 S A
Go to Your Master 42 S A
My Heart Comes to the Fore 43 S A
O, Make My Mind Tranquil and Calm 44 S
Within, Without, I See My Nectar-Goal 45 S A
Today My Restless Mind Is Peaceful 46 S A
I Saw the Light of Day 47 S T A

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