Gahana Hiyar Andha Andhar Rati


Gahana hiyar andha andhar rati
Mora moder ashru nadir sathi
Moher deshe kende hese
Jwalai mora chhayar badhar bati
Bishwa moder nishwa shunya asha
Mora habo chirantaner bhasha
Asim khudha amar sudha
Mahakaler rupantarer bhati


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

O blind and dark night of our heart’s abyss!We are the comrades of the river of tears.
In the clime of binding attachment,
Crying and smiling we kindle the lamp
     of wild obstruction-shades.Our world is an empty hope,  destitute.
We shall be the language-message of the
     Time eternal.We shall grow into Infinite Hunger,
     Infinite Nectar-DelightAnd Eternity’s Transformation-Light.

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