Flower-Flames, Part 5

43 English Flower-Flame songs, published on 1993-01-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Aspiration Tells Me 1 S
In Heaven and on Earth 2 S
My Life Is Fooling Me 3 S
Human Love Is Sickness 4 S
Every Time You Love 5 S
You Know Who God Is 6 S
Every Aspiration-Day Begins (1) 7 S
My Past 8 S
Dear Lord, I Am Really Sick 9 S
No More Act Like a Fool 10 S
Yesterday I Was Trying All The Time 11 S
The Twentieth Century 12 S
Not to Learn, But to Unlearn 13 S
Man’s Sincere Desire 14 S
Who First Saw God? 15 S
My Aspiration-Life and I 16 S
Your Holy Steps (2) 17 S
A Fountain of Flames 18 S
One Favour from You 19 S
Music Is Entertainment 20 S
Lord, I Do Not Need Salvation 21 S
My Sound-Life Tells Me 22 S
My Life-Flute Invites All 23 S
Sail Beyond the Sunrise-Sky 24 S
O My Body 25 S
My Lord, Loving You Means 26 S
My Passport to Freedom-Light 27 S
A Purity-Heart Tells Me 28 S
I Was Not Alone in Heaven 29 S
Secret and Sacred Truths 30 S
Oh, When My Sadness Is Sweet (2) 31 S
Three Short Cuts 32 S
There Is But One Philosophy 33 S
What Has God Given Me? 34 S
O My Mind, Do You Really Want to Be Happy? 35 S
Fear Vilifies 36 S
A Small Mind 37 S
What Lies Behind Me 38 S
I Entertain God (2) 39 S
What Did I See Yesterday? 40 S
God Has a Golden Boat 41 S
Lord Supreme, You Have Helped Me 42 S
I Am the Owner of My Body 43 S

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