Flower-Flames, Part 1

80 English songs from the poetry series “Ten Thousand Flower-Flames”, published on 1987-07-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
An Unfinished Dream of God 1 S
The Tears of Mother Earth 2 S
A Tree Is the Seeker’s Prayer-Cry 3 S
What You Need Is 4 S
Mine Is the Life 5 S
The Miracle of My Sound-Life (1) 6 S
True, Today You Are an Infant 7 S
You Have Lost 8 S
Because You Have a Sunlit Mind 9 S
Prayers Are Made of Tears 10 S
Too Poor for God 11 S
I Am Dying to See God 12 S
Although God Loves Him 13 S
The Best in Man 14 S
The Call of America 15 S
The Stories Told by My Soul’s Delight 16 S
Finally, Truth Is on the March 17 S
My Mind Is Tired of Its Supremacy 18 S
The Pure Hour of Prayer 19 S
God’s Unconditional Pardon (2) 20 S
I Live for You Alone (2) 21 S
Who Lives Above Me? 22 S
Heaven Descends 23 S
My Failure-Life 24 S
Life Is Lovely (2) 25 S
Incredible News (1) 26 S
A Good Friend to Love 27 S
God’s Love-Call 28 S
How Little I Know (1) 29 S
To Frighten the Animal in Me 30 S
Yours Is the Inimitable Way 31 S
Yesterday I Desired to Be 32 S
An Atom of Soulful Effort 33 S
Tempt Me No More, O Earth 34 S
Beautiful Is My Smiling God (1) 35 S
America’s Special Strength 36 S
Realisation: Non-Stop Magic 37 S
My Body Does Not Belong to Me (1) 38 S
God Wanted You to Go to Him (1) 39 S
Mine Are Shattered Dreams 40 S
The Outer Conquerors 41 S
Are You, O Lord, Tired of Being Good? 42 S
What Is Silence? 43 S
In the Physical World 44 S
Since Nobody Wants to Play with Me 45 S
O Silver Flames of My Mind 46 S
Even My Shadow Avoids Me 47 S
Dear Heaven 48 S
What My Mind Needs Most 49 S
A Disciplined Life 50 S
Each Experience 51 S
Realisation-Sun 52 S
I Implore God 53 S
You Do Not Need 54 S
God Receives My Poor Life 55 S
Too Good 56 S
You Can Always Be Happy 57 S
If It Is True 58 S
God’s Compassion Reads Our Weak Hearts 59 S
God Tells Us to Love Him 60 S
Because I Fear God 61 S
My Prayer Is My Endless Hope 62 S
You Must Choose 63 S
Before God-Realisation 64 S
A God-Seeker Prays to God 65 S
Obedience Is Blessing-Light 66 S
Now Is the Time 67 S
God’s Favourites 68 S
You Do Not Have to Prove 69 S
Where Are You Standing? 70 S
If You Are a True Disciple 71 S
God Is Never Interested 72 S
God Compassionately Asks Me 73 S
My Lord, I Pray 74 S
My Gratitude-Heart 75 S
Everybody Can Begin 76 S
You Can Forget Everything 77 S
Since You Are a Liberated Smile 78 S
Yesterday I Failed 79 S
O My Supreme Lord 80 S

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