94 English songs from Flame-Goal — July 20, 1995

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
God Is Not a Thing to Be Achieved 1 S
To Please God 2 S
Human Love 3 S
Human Thought 4 S
Human Power 5 S
The Body 6 S
Enough Cannot Satisfy 7 S
Human Life is Craving 8 S
My Enemy 9 S
Humility 10 S
Our Face 11 S
Experience 12 S
The Fruits 13 S
The Love That Flies 14 S
Genius 15 S
True Love 16 S
Faith Is the Plant 17 S
Love Is Sacrifice 18 S
Today Belongs to Us 19 S
Logic Is the First Rung 20 S
Perfection 21 S
The Mother of Experience 22 S
The Master Embodies 23 S
Transcend Yourself 24 S
No Need Have I 25 S
The Real Guru 26 S
I Am Diving 27 S
Death Says 28 S
Failure 29 S
He Alone Is My Brother 30 S
Philosophy Is Divinely Great 31 S
Doubt Is the Worst Possible Impurity 32 S
The Vedas and the Upanishads 33 S
Aspiration Is the Child of Will 34 S
Our Life Is Not Our Thoughts 35 S
Human Life 36 S
True Love Is Vaster Than the Universe 37 S
Delight Is the Tree 38 S
Faith 39 S
O Lord and God 40 S
God, I Need Money 41 S
To Improve and Not to Prove Myself 42 S
No One Knows 43 S
Fear Is the Bondage-Creating Death 44 S
Our Inner Cry 45 S
The Doer 46 S
Pleasure Appears 47 S
I Found Many Short Cuts (1) 48 S
To Serve Man 49 S
Man’s Joy Pleases God 50 S
To Love God Constantly 51 S
God’s Love Pervades Me 52 S
Delight 53 S
Those Who Love God 54 S
Sincerity Needs Watching 55 S
A Heart of Loving Gratitude 56 S
To Love Man Unreservedly 57 S
Compassion Is the Voice of God 58 S
Mounting Aspiration 59 S
Regularity 60 S
Patience 61 S
On Earth 62 S
Stupidity 63 S
Infinity’s Smile 64 S
Opinion 65 S
Impatience You Lose 66 S
Yours Is the Goal 67 S
When Gratitude Takes Birth 68 S
Pleasure without Anxiety 69 S
I Meditate Because I Must (1) 70 S
Let Us Try These 71 S
To Desire Is to Expire 72 S
The Early Riser 73 S
To a Real Aspirant 74 S
Only When We Aspire 75 S
Don’t Retire 76 S
Simplicity Is Beautiful 77 S
Man Creates Necessity 78 S
A Seeker’s Action 79 S
Truth Comes In 80 S
The World Is Not Mine 81 S
Regularity Is the Temple (1) 82 S
Your Business Is to Begin (2) 83 S
Self-Love Makes Mistakes 84 S
He Alone Is Rich 85 S
God’s Cry 86 S
Let Us Cry 87 S
Peace Begins 88 S
Life Is a Dream 89 S
Life Is Man’s Necessity 90 S
If You Really Visit God’s Palace 91 S
Thought 92 S
God Reveals and Man Conceals 93 S
Man’s Smallest World 94 S

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