94 English songs from Flame-Goal — July 20, 1995

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Transcend Yourself
No Need Have I
The Real Guru
I Am Diving
Death Says
He Alone Is My Brother
Philosophy Is Divinely Great
Doubt Is the Worst Possible Impurity
The Vedas and the Upanishads
Aspiration Is the Child of Will
Our Life Is Not Our Thoughts
Human Life
True Love Is Vaster Than the Universe
Delight Is the Tree
O Lord and God
God, I Need Money
To Improve and Not to Prove Myself
No One Knows
Fear Is the Bondage-Creating Death
Our Inner Cry
The Doer
Pleasure Appears
I Found Many Short Cuts (1)
To Serve Man
Man’s Joy Pleases God
To Love God Constantly
God’s Love Pervades Me
Those Who Love God
Sincerity Needs Watching
A Heart of Loving Gratitude
To Love Man Unreservedly
Compassion Is the Voice of God
Mounting Aspiration
On Earth
Infinity’s Smile
Impatience You Lose
Yours Is the Goal T
When Gratitude Takes Birth
Pleasure without Anxiety
I Meditate Because I Must (1)
Let Us Try These
To Desire Is to Expire
The Early Riser
To a Real Aspirant
Only When We Aspire
Don’t Retire
Simplicity Is Beautiful
Man Creates Necessity
A Seeker’s Action
Truth Comes In
The World Is Not Mine
Regularity Is the Temple (1)
Your Business Is to Begin (2)
Self-Love Makes Mistakes
He Alone Is Rich
God’s Cry
Let Us Cry
Peace Begins
Life Is a Dream
Life Is Man’s Necessity
If You Really Visit God’s Palace
God Reveals and Man Conceals
Man’s Smallest World
God Is Not a Thing to Be Achieved
To Please God
Human Love
Human Thought
Human Power
The Body
Enough Cannot Satisfy
Human Life is Craving
My Enemy
Our Face
The Fruits
The Love That Flies
True Love
Faith Is the Plant
Love Is Sacrifice
Today Belongs to Us
Logic Is the First Rung
The Mother of Experience
The Master Embodies

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