Every Day My Gratitude-Heart

57 Miscellaneous English songs from 1991, 1992 and 1993, published on 1995-12-01

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
My Mind’s Newness-Beauty 1 S
Repeated Failures 2 S
Each Soulful Thought of Mine 3 S
Every Day My Gratitude-Heart and I 4 S
O World’s Purity-Flower-Heart 5 S
No Human Mind Can Enter 6 S
God I Invoke 7 S
With My Aspiration-Heart 8 S
The Whisper of Silence-Beyond 9 S
A Self-Giving Heart 10 S
My Lord, Give Me 11 S
O God, the Compassion-Eye 12 S
My Heart Breathlessly Needs 13 S
In a Moment’s Ticking 14 S
My Lord, Sulking I Came to You 15 S
My Forgiveness-Lord Is Begging Me 16 S
My Life’s Perfection-Promise 17 S
My Mind Needs Self-Awareness 18 S
Alas, I Am My God-Disobedience 19 S
O Peace-Robber Anxiety 20 S
Our Oneness-Heart World-Ecstasy 21 S
Who Am I? Who Am I? 22 S
A Gratitude-Heart Is a Master Key 23 S
God the Eye Threatens the Proud 24 S
God May Not Be Measurable 25 S
Each Good Thought Is a Peace of Heaven 26 S
My Heart Has Emptied Its Hands 27 S
I Talk and Talk with My Mind 28 S
Each Moment 29 S
God Smiles at My Expensive Gift 30 S
I Proudly Love 31 S
My Heart’s Faith-Radiance 32 S
Thought Takes Birth 33 S
I Have Chosen God the Eternal Child 34 S
Willingness Is My Heart’s Best Victory 35 S
My Self-Admiration 36 S
My Love of God Has Many Rivals 37 S
Oneness-Heart-Children (1) 38 S
Justice-Glasses (1) 39 S
What My Heart Needs 40 S
No Sincerity-Prayer 41 S
Surrender-Light I Have 42 S
My First Choice 43 S
Truth Is in All (1) 44 S
Poets Are Born 45 S
Politeness 46 S
Poverty Is No Disgrace 47 S
Poverty Is Not a Sin 48 S
Power Always Corrupts 49 S
Praise the Sea 50 S
Prayer Is the Voice of Faith 51 S
Presents Keep Friendships Warm 52 S
Pride and Laziness 53 S
Pride Goes Before Destruction 54 S
Pride Must Be Impeached 55 S
Promise Little, But Do Much 56 S
Prosperity Makes Friends 57 S

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