Eso Nikhila Pati Nayana Pate Eso

Composed on Sep. 7th, 1973


Eso nikhila pati nayana pate eso
Parane neme eso
Dake tomai dake
Akash dake batas dake dake mrittyu jara
Neme eso bishwa prane dake basundhara
Naba aruna sama timira dali phutaye chitta kali
Eso akhila pati nayana pate eso
Parashe taba milabe sab bandhan sangshoy
Hiranmoy ogo jyotirmoy habe sakali madhumoy
Eso jagata pati nayana pate eso
Jibane neme eso


Sri Chinmoy's Translation:

Come, O Lord of the world,
Do appear before my vision-light,
     do enter into my heart.Sky calls You, air calls You, death and lifeless
     energy call You.They all call You. Mother Earth calls You.
As the morning sun chases away
     world-darkness-night,So do chase away the darkness of my inner world
     and awaken the lotus of my heart.Your magic touch shall melt away all my blinding
     and blighting doubts.O golden One, O transcendental Beauty universal,
In You, with You and for You everything will grow
     into a nectar-flood.Come, O Lord of the world, do appear before
     my vision-light,Do enter into my life.

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