Enthusiasm, Part 9

128 English songs, mostly from Christmas/New Year 2004-05, published on 2005-01-04

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (4) 1 S
Any Moment Is the Right Moment (1) 2 S
Run, Run, Run Away 3 S
When God the Breath Embraces Me 4 S
No Surprise 5 S
Be Brave, Be Brave 6 S
Salvation I Need Not 7 S
I Have Come to Complete (2) 8 S
Cry, Sleeplessly Cry 9 S
‘Happy Birthday’ Thrills My Heart 10 S
Every Morning God Visits Man 11 S
Be Pure, Be Pure 12 S
Be Kind, Be Kind 13 S
Open, Open Your Closed Heart-Door 14 S
My Mind-Prayer Talks and Talks 15 S
I Need, I Need, I Need from God 16 S
Every Day I Compose Songs 17 S
Love Guards My Heart-Temple 18 S
Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave! 19 S
Ego-Mind, Dangerous! 20 S
Hungry Is My Heart 21 S
How Can We Build the Truth-Edifice? 22 S
I Aim at My Self-Perfection 23 S
Life Is Action-Pride-Duty 24 S
Never Become a Friend of Doubt 25 S
To Please My Lord Supreme 26 S
My Heart’s King (1) 27 S
My Heart’s King (2) 28 S
O, Destroy My Pride 29 S
Today My Lord’s Compassion-Victory 30 S
Your Days of Excellence-Joys 31 S
A Fitness-Body and a Oneness-Heart 32 S
I Find, I Find 33 S
Science 34 S
O Vast Philosophy 35 S
My Lord Supreme, the Older I Grow 36 S
The Older I Grow 37 S
Those Who Love God Happily 38 S
O Four Doctors, Four 39 S
My Outer Running 40 S
How Can You Fail? 41 S
No More My Mind a Stark Suspicion-Knife 42 S
My Body Unconsciously Loves 43 S
Breathe In Beauty 44 S
For God-Realisation 45 S
My Lord, My Lord, My Lord! 46 S
Learn More Truth 47 S
I Give My Money-Power to God 48 S
The Mind Thinks God Is Unapproachable 49 S
Who Is My Hero? 50 S
I Am Proud of Myself 51 S
Give Me No Freedom 52 S
When the Morning Begins 53 S
I Tried to Become Great 54 S
A Gratitude-Heart Has No Foe 55 S
Forgetfulness Is the Main Enemy 56 S
O My Aspiration-Heart, Wake Up 57 S
When I Seek 58 S
When I Seek Not 59 S
Fear Tortures My Mind 60 S
My Sweetest Supreme May Leave My Mind 61 S
The Cries and Tears of My Heart 62 S
My Desire-Prison Is My Own Creation 63 S
Goodbye, My Darkness-Mind 64 S
There Was a Time 65 S
Nobody Can Block My Inner Journey 66 S
Everything That Is Good 67 S
Welcome, Welcome 68 S
My Faith 69 S
Each Seeker 70 S
My Prayer Is My Life-Song 71 S
Aspiration Goes Up 72 S A
Do Not Worry, God Will Return 73 S
How I Wish 74 S
A Self-Giving Life 75 S
My God-Obedience and My God-Ecstasy 76 S
The Outer Success 77 S
I Walk and Jog and Run 78 S
My Heart Is Blessed by God the Beauty 79 S
Our Indulgence-Imperfections 80 S
The Power of Silence 81 S
My Lord Says to Me 82 S
Nothing Is More Important 83 S
God Loves Me 84 S
I Love God All the Time 85 S
God and His Will 86 S
Keep Your Hopes Alive 87 S
Do Not Step into the Future 88 S
The Real Satisfaction 89 S
I Hunger For God’s Golden Feet-Dust 90 S
I Must Stop and Stop 91 S
Walk Only Along the Road of God 92 S
Enlighten Your Heart 93 S
My First Goal Is God’s Eye 94 S
Love and Love and Love 95 S
God’s Footsteps 96 S
My Heart Thrives Only (2) 97 S
Life Is Beautiful 98 S
Each Moment Reveals 99 S
I Long to Be a God-Beggar 100 S
Be Good 101 S
May All My Heart-Hope-Flowers 102 S
I Appreciate, I Admire 103 S
I Hesitate 104 S
I Have Locked Behind Me 105 S
When I Speak Ill of the World 106 S
God Has Only One Friend 107 S
Each Moment Is Too Precious 108 S
God’s Favourite Sport 109 S
Only One Thing Interests Me 110 S
My Heart Only Knows How I Treasure 111 S
My Lord, Do Give Me the Capacity 112 S
My Lord Will Never Run Out 113 S
Man Has Questions Countless 114 S
Lip Service, My Lord Never Wants 115 S
Desire-Life-Charm 116 S
Disobedience-Life 117 S
We Can Easily Frequent 118 S
Sincerity Speaks 119 S
My God-Obedience-Road 120 S
My God-Surrender-Road 121 S
Finally, I Have Silenced My Mind-Drums 122 S
My Heart Never Welcomes 123 S
My Lord Supreme Never Misses 124 S
My Lord Is Never Tired 125 S
When God Sings 126 S
Ugly Thoughts Are Unacceptable 127 S
My Child, Wake Up 128 S
Each and Every Soul-Dream of Mine 129 S

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