Enthusiasm, Part 9

128 English songs, mostly from Christmas/New Year 2004-05, published on 2005-01-04

Song#ScoreTransl.AudioCKG Singing
Give Me No Freedom 51
When the Morning Begins 52
I Tried to Become Great 53
Any Moment Is the Right Moment (1) 2
Run, Run, Run Away 3
A ‘Give Me’ Beggar 45
I Give My Money-Power to God 47
The Mind Thinks 48
Who Is My Hero? 49
I Am Proud of Myself 50
I Have Come to Complete (2) 56
O, Destroy My Pride 29
Your Days of Excellence-Joys 31
Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest (4) 1
When God the Breath Embraces Me 4
No Surprise 5
Be Brave, Be Brave 6
Salvation I Need Not 7
Cry, Sleeplessly Cry 9
Every Morning God Visits Man 11 S
Be Pure, Be Pure 12
Be Kind, Be Kind 13
Open, Open Your Closed Heart-Door 14 S
My Mind-Prayer Talks and Talks 15
I Need, I Need, I Need from God 16
Every Day I Compose Songs 17
Love Guards My Heart-Temple 18 S
Ego-Mind, Dangerous! 20
Hungry Is My Heart 21
How Can We Build the Truth-Edifice? 22 S
I Aim at My Self-Perfection 23
Life Is Action-Pride-Duty 24 S
Never Become a Friend of Doubt 25
To Please My Lord Supreme 26
Be Brave 19
‘Happy Birthday’ Thrills My Heart 10
My Heart’s King (1) 27
My Heart’s King (2) 28
Today My Lord’s Compassion-Victory 30
A Fitness-Body and a Oneness-Heart 32
I Find, I Find 33 S
Science 34
O Vast Philosophy 35
Those Who Love God Happily 37
O Four Doctors, Four 38
My Outer Running 39
My Body Unconsciously Loves 42
For God-Realisation, Needed No Outer Skill 44
How Can You Fail? 40 S
No More My Mind a Stark Suspicion-Knife 41
Breathe In Beauty 43
The Older I Grow 36
My Lord Supreme, the Older I Grow 36
I Have Come to Complete (3)
Learn More Truth, Earn More Joy 46
A Gratitude-Heart Has No Foe 54
Forgetfulness Is the Main Enemy 55
O My Aspiration-Heart, Wake Up 56
When I Seek 57
When I Seek Not 58
Fear Tortures My Mind 59
My Sweetest Supreme May Leave My Mind 60
The Cries and Tears of My Heart 61
My Desire-Prison Is My Own Creation 62
Goodbye, My Darkness-Mind 63
There Was a Time 64
Nobody Can Block My Inner Journey 65
Everything That Is Good 66
Welcome, Welcome 67
My Faith 68 S
Each Seeker 69
My Prayer Is My Life-Song 70 S
Aspiration Goes Up 71 S A
Do Not Worry, God Will Return 72 S
How I Wish 73
A Self-Giving Life 74
My God-Obedience and My God-Ecstasy 75
The Outer Success 76
I Walk and Jog and Run 77
My Heart Is Blessed by God the Beauty 78 S
Our Indulgence-Imperfections 79
The Power of Silence 80
Nothing Is More Important 82
God Loves Me 83
I Love God All the Time 84
God and His Will 85
Keep Your Hopes Alive 86
Do Not Step into the Future 87
The Real Satisfaction 88
I Hunger For God’s Golden Feet-Dust 89
I Must Stop and Stop 90 S
Walk Only Along the Road of God 91
My First Goal Is God’s Eye 93
Enlighten Your Heart 92
God’s Footsteps 95
Love and Love and Love 94
My Heart Thrives Only (2) 96
Life Is Beautiful 97
Each Moment Reveals 98
I Long to Be a God-Beggar 99
Be Good 100
I Hesitate 103
I Appreciate, I Admire 102
My Lord Says to Me 81
May All My Heart-Hope-Flowers 101
I Have Locked Behind Me 104
When I Speak Ill of the World 105
God Has Only One Friend 106
Each Moment Is Too Precious 107
God’s Favourite Sport 108
Only One Thing Interests Me 109
My Heart Only Knows How I Treasure 110
My Lord, Do Give Me the Capacity 111
My Lord Will Never Run Out 112
Man Has Questions Countless 113
Lip Service, My Lord Never Wants 114
Desire-Life-Charm 115
Disobedience-Life 116
We Can Easily Frequent 117
Sincerity Speaks 118
My God-Obedience-Road 119
My God-Surrender-Road 120
Finally, I Have Silenced My Mind-Drums 121
My Heart Never Welcomes 122
My Lord Supreme Never Misses 123
My Lord Is Never Tired 124
When God Sings 125
Ugly Thoughts Are Unacceptable 126
My Child, Wake Up 127
Each and Every Soul-Dream of Mine 128

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